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El Toro ProSolo Day 1

I just don’t have the energy to do a full writeup for the ProSolo today, and to be honest, it won’t happen Sunday, and likely not Monday either

Listen to the El Toro ProSolo Live

So today I did some testing with UStream and the FM Audio Broadcast at the El Toro ProSolo. I think I managed to come up with a way to broadcast...

Learning how to tune the suspension on a car

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tune the suspension on a car?

San Diego National Tour Autocross Runs

So here we are, one day after the tour and I have all 6 of my runs squared away on video. Now to get them blogged about, in order of...

San Diego National Tour Day 2

I was pretty down today. Going into the first set of runs I had a headache that didn’t seem to want to go away and I wasn’t happy with my...

San Diego National Tour Day 1

I’m worn out, so this will likely not be as long as it should be, but here’s a quick summary of the day today.