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350z Tire/Wheel Fitment 18x10 inch 305 V710s

This evening after work I came home and cleared out the garage so that I could get the new wheels test fitted to see what all I was going to...

Wheels for a BSP 350z, ARP Studs, Sway Bars

So now that wheels and tires (used) are taken care of, at least for part of the season, I need to locate some longer/stronger wheel studs for the 350z.

350z BSP Parts Configuration

This post will be a continually updated (on list of parts (to buy) and configuration for the 350z preparation for SCCA Solo’s BSP (B street prepared) Class. If you’re...

Autocross Video from NorCalUFO 1/30/11

Sunday I partook in the NorCalUFO autocross, their second event of the year, my first attending since the baby was born in October. I got to the event and heard...

How do you travel with your video equipment?

So this isn’t the blog post I had intended to write today, but I think it’s a useful one nonetheless.

The 350z goes on a Diet

On Saturday the 350z went on a diet, losing (rough guess here) about 3% of it’s total weight.