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Suspension progress, none!

So I didn’t make any progress today, well not much at least. I spent the morning watching the baby while the wife got to get some much needed pampering time....

Weekend plans, suspension install

It will likely be a full weekend for me, lots of suspension work to do on the car. Though the biggest task might be making room in the garage so...

Suspension plans, sort of

So I wasn’t able to find a part that would make the SPL Upper Control Arms legal for BSP yet, though I am still looking.

The suspension is here! Now to fix it

My birthday gift (early) from my wife showed up today (I have the best wife ever!), a new suspension (well new to me) for the 350z. There’s only one problem...

Top 10 PAX!

So I went to the autocross today, kind of a last minute thing, and boy am I glad I did.

Excellent customer service from GoPro

The night before an autocross, and I’m stoked for tomorrow, even if it rains (as forecasted). I got a replacement GoPro HD camera today in the mail.