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Nismo Cold Air Intake for a 350z

So when the Project350z was purchased in Colorado back in January it had a Nismo Cold Air Intake on it. Shortly thereafter I moved to California, and guess what? The...

Where’d the 350z go?

So it’s been a while since I’ve done any updates here on, so here’s a quick update.

On the road again, temporary tag for smog

So this weekend while my beautiful wife was in town (haven’t seen her for three weeks!) I rented a car for the weekend? Why? Well, to be honest, the 350z...

Buying a modded car

Don’t do it! Unless you buy it from a friend and know exactly what they did!

Always good after a wash and a wax

It has been quite a while, over a year, since I really spent some time washing a waxing a vehicle. My how time has flown, last year we spent time...