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Autocross Video from NorCalUFO 1/30/11

Sunday I partook in the NorCalUFO autocross, their second event of the year, my first attending since the baby was born in October. I got to the event and heard...

How do you travel with your video equipment?

So this isn’t the blog post I had intended to write today, but I think it’s a useful one nonetheless.

The 350z goes on a Diet

On Saturday the 350z went on a diet, losing (rough guess here) about 3% of it’s total weight.

Buying an Autocross Helmet

If you’re looking to buy an Autocross Helmet you should check out

350z Trailer Hitch, Take 2

So for my 2003 350z I had a custom trailer hitch built by a friend in St. Louis. It was hefty, mounting with ubolts through the bottom of the bumper...

Injen Super SES Installation on the 350z

If you followed the blog post earlier this week you already know that Injen came through and got me the replacement midpipes for my Super SES Exhaust which I removed...