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Success! The bushings are removed from the upper control arms

Well it just goes to show you. Having the right tool for a job is the key to getting the job done right.

OEM Bushing Update

Today I went to a machine shop (twice as he wasn’t open the first time) to try to have the bushings pressed out of the OEM upper control arms. Unfortunately...

Suspension, FAIL

No, the suspension didn’t break, but man did murphy show up in full force today.

Suspension progress, none!

So I didn’t make any progress today, well not much at least. I spent the morning watching the baby while the wife got to get some much needed pampering time....

Weekend plans, suspension install

It will likely be a full weekend for me, lots of suspension work to do on the car. Though the biggest task might be making room in the garage so...

Suspension plans, sort of

So I wasn’t able to find a part that would make the SPL Upper Control Arms legal for BSP yet, though I am still looking.