Read some of the blog posts below about the various 350z's that have been part of We're working on finding car #3, if you've got a base/enthusiast model you want to sell, hit us up!


Chris Hammond
Monday, July 11, 2016 12:44 AM

So here we are, another month has gone by since the last blog post, time for an update here on the status of @Project350z.

TL;DR: Crap

So at the end of April I headed to Peru Indiana for the Gateway Autocross Association event at Grissom, I stuffed 4 tires into the 350z and headed on my way Friday afternoon.

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Chris Hammond
Saturday, April 23, 2016 12:21 AM

So it has been a while since I’ve had the time to get a blog post up here, so let’s get started.

After the last post, the car was almost ready for the Dixie National tour, held in Cecil Georgia, but there was some final prep to do. I took the car down to Solo Performance to corner weight and align the thing, with good results.

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Chris Hammond
Monday, March 07, 2016 12:13 AM

It was a good weekend on the 350z, I made progress on pretty much everything I needed/wanted to do to start the 2016 season, with only the corner balance and wheel alignment remaining. Those are scheduled for Monday at Solo Performance.

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Chris Hammond
Monday, February 29, 2016 11:14 PM

This weekend I spent some quality time finally working on the 350z before the upcoming autocross season (Dixie Champ Tour is coming up quickly).

In prep for STU I want to see what kind of weight I can get out of the car, I really don’t know if this car (2003 Touring) can come anywhere close to what my first one (2003 Enthusiast, 3075lbs) weighed, or even the second one (2004 enthusiast, 3062). I have yet to get it up on the scales, but I assume going into this that the car is heaver than both of them. The power, heated, leather seats that came with the car, along with the potential extra stereo equipment, and electronics for the VDC mean the car likely weighs a good bit heaver than the previous cars.

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Chris Hammond
Monday, February 29, 2016 12:00 AM

We’ll try to keep this list updated with current modifications, and a list of past modifications as well as we build and compete our 350z in the SCCA STU autocross class.


  • Year: 2003
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: 350z
  • Package: Touring


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