350z with the white stripeI was looking around at Flickr today and happened to check out my "photo stats". The most viewed photo for the day (having just started according to the Flickr servers) was this photo

I kind of liked the white stripe on my old 350z. I’m still thinking I will wrap this one, but the stripe got me reminiscing.

What do you think of the stripe? Yay or nay? Add a comment below and let me know!

You can find a number of photos of the car during the striping process at 350z White Stripe

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A week ago I posted a “question” on Facebook to see what color we should wrap the 350z in.

Well it looks like the final tally is 31/13/13

31 for Matte Black
13 for Matte Green
13 for Don't Do It!

So Matte Black it will be! Time to order the vinyl! I would hope to have it done by the end of the month, but realizing we are moving before then, we’ll set a goal of the end of June to have this completed. Of course we’ll have a time lapse video of the process!

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So I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and now I’m getting ready to pull the trigger.

I am going to wrap the 350z? What does that mean? I am going to take a solid Vinyl color, and wrap it around the entire painted surface of the car. Effectively changing the color of the car, and covering the paint in a protective vinyl coating.

Why am I wrapping the car? Because I can? Or well, because I want to. I don’t know yet that I can. I’ve applied quite a bit of vinyl in my life, but never to an entire car.

Why not have someone else wrap it? Why not have a designer wrap done? Both of those options cost money, and I really would rather spend money elsewhere on the car. That being said, if you own a car wrapping business in the San Francisco Bay Area and you want to sponsor Project350z, fill out the Contact form on the About page.

What color are you going to wrap it? That’s where you come in. We’ve setup a "Poll" on our Facebook page, where you get to help us decide. The options are "Matte Black, Matte Green, Don’t Do it!" If you have a Facebook account go ahead and answer the question! The Poll will stay open until 5/4/2011.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to "LIKE" our page!

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