It was a good weekend on the 350z, I made progress on pretty much everything I needed/wanted to do to start the 2016 season, with only the corner balance and wheel alignment remaining. Those are scheduled for Monday at Solo Performance.

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Project350z Garage WorkSo what did you do this weekend? Did you spend two days under your car? I basically did, well more like 1 day, but it was broken up over an afternoon/evening and then the following morning after I ran to get a new “nut” that I needed to finish things up.

Why was I under the 350z? Well, removing the fun parts of course. I planned to remove the front and rear Hotchkis sway bars, along with the TrueChoice Phase 4 Konis (front) and the off the shelf Koni Sports (rear) along with springs/perches. Though in order to deal with the rear sway bar I also ended up pulling the Injen Super SES exhaust system off the car as well and put the OEM exhaust back on.

Read the whole blog post for the time lapse video

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So I finally heard back from SPL Pars regarding an email I sent a few weeks ago. I emailed them to ask if they could provide me the information on what the arms are configured for in terms of the heim joints. In summary of the previous blog post, the heim joints aren’t legal in B Street Prepared (or any street prepared class in the SCCA). So these arms aren’t legal.
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This post will be a continually updated (on list of parts (to buy) and configuration for the 350z preparation for SCCA Solo’s BSP (B street prepared) Class. If you’re building a 350z for Autocross I hope that this page provides of some great value. Each part will be marked as Planned or Installed depending on the current status. In no particular order
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If you’ve followed my struggles here on you know by now that my 2004 350z came (when I purchased it in January 2010) with an Injen Super SES exhaust system. This system was a true dual exhaust setup from the cats back. Read the full blog post for more details, and the YouTube timelapse
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