We’ll try to keep this list updated with current modifications, and a list of past modifications as well as we build and compete our 350z in the SCCA STU autocross class.


  • Year: 2003
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: 350z
  • Package: Touring


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Alright the time has come to part with the parts. I took some time this evening to take photographs of what I have and what I am trying to sell. Right now I am trying to sell everything locally so prices don’t include any shipping. If I don’t have any interest locally I’m willing to ship the coilovers/springs/shocks but only as a package.

Sway bars and the exhaust are way too much of a hassle to try to ship, so those are local only. (Local in the San Francisco Bay Area, if you’re somewhere else in California and want to drive here, feel free).

Cash Only, no checks. Paypal acceptable for a hold, but cash must be delivered in full before handover of the parts. All parts located in Half Moon Bay, contact me at z – at – christoc.com for more info.

All parts are sold as is, with no warranty, and unknown mileage. I can tell you I put about 10k on each of them (except the control arms and the Cobb bar), but am not sure what they had prior to me.

I’m also still selling the 18x10” Enkei RPF1s over on my other post.

350z BSP Suspension $1200

$1200, All four corners, no sway bars.

Front Suspension
TrueChoice Phase 4 coilovers
650lb Hyperco Springs

Rear Suspension
Unknown brand spring perches
Unknown brand 500lb springs
Koni Sport Shocks (standard off the shelf)

350z Suspension For Sale

350z Sway Bars (Hotchkis Front/Rear $200, Cobb Front $125)

$200 Set of Hotchkis Front/Rear Adjustable Sway Bars, no bushings, no end links (I used the stock ones)

$125 Cobb 35mm Front Sway Bar (bushings included, but no end links)

Injen Super SES Dual Exhaust $500

$500 Used exhaust, works and sounds great. Center (longest) pipes are about a year old, replaced with brand new reinforced pipes from Injen. Everything needs a good cleaning, has your usual scrapes from a lowered vehicle, but overall in great shape. No clue on mileage of the other parts. Includes bolts (except for the catalytic converter side) and extra hanger arm to mount on the car, but no rubber hangers

350z Control Arm v2 from SPL Pro Suspension SOLD

SOLD I didn’t use these, they weren’t legal for the class I was running, but I was told they are V2 arms, and that the ball joints needed replaced. You’ll need a nut for the ball joint as well.


More photos of the parts at at (http://www.flickr.com/photos/chammond/sets/72157628769483291/)

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Project350z Garage WorkSo what did you do this weekend? Did you spend two days under your car? I basically did, well more like 1 day, but it was broken up over an afternoon/evening and then the following morning after I ran to get a new “nut” that I needed to finish things up.

Why was I under the 350z? Well, removing the fun parts of course. I planned to remove the front and rear Hotchkis sway bars, along with the TrueChoice Phase 4 Konis (front) and the off the shelf Koni Sports (rear) along with springs/perches. Though in order to deal with the rear sway bar I also ended up pulling the Injen Super SES exhaust system off the car as well and put the OEM exhaust back on.

Read the whole blog post for the time lapse video

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This morning I began the process of converting the 350z back to stock, or close to stock. Mike Lane over on the east coast requested the control arms/custom bushings that I have on the car, so he sent me his original OEM set. A couple of months ago I actually tried to remove the arms on my car so I could lube them up and try to get rid of some of the excess noise in the car, but I wasn’t able to. One of the nuts on the upper strut mount was stuck and no matter what I tried I wasn’t able to get the nut removed.

I picked up some tools from the local Ace Hardware in Half Moon Bay to get that pesky nut off, and this morning when I got started, things didn’t go well. I managed to  break an extension I was trying to use, then I managed to break the bolt extractor as well! I was not a happy camper, though I decided to try one more thing, a better quality extension and turning it by hand. After that nut was removed replacing the control arms was nice and easy.

So the first parts of the car are back to stock, I’m shipping out Mike’s new control arms early next week, and hopefully they will see some autocross action soon!

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I realized recently that I didn’t have an ongoing list of modifications for the 350z. So I figured I should create one. The idea is that this will be continually updated, with the list of current parts. If I end up removing parts I’ll strike them through on the list.
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So I finally heard back from SPL Pars regarding an email I sent a few weeks ago. I emailed them to ask if they could provide me the information on what the arms are configured for in terms of the heim joints. In summary of the previous blog post, the heim joints aren’t legal in B Street Prepared (or any street prepared class in the SCCA). So these arms aren’t legal.
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Have you ever wanted to learn how to tune the suspension on a car?

Well, I haven’t really wanted to know that, until recently. Now I NEED to know. I took the Evo Advantage program this past weekend at the San Diego National Tour and felt like a total newb when the instructor kept telling me to do things to the car and I had no idea what he was talking about.

So now the question is, how best to learn the art of suspension tuning? Well, I started off on Amazon and picked up Tune to Win: The art and science of race car development and tuning by Carroll Smith.

I’ve yet to crack it open, but I plan to start on it this evening. I’ll post more on the website later when I have a feeling for what it actually provides, and can talk about what I am learning (hopefully I’ll learn something!)

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Today was a practice day at the San Diego National Tour. This morning I took part in the Evolution School advantage program, basically you get a ton of seat time in the morning before the practice course opens up for the rest of the entrants for the National Tour. My r-comps were on a truck otw to the tour, so I ran my street tires for the morning session. I also had the car set at full soft (bump/rebound), most definitely not the configuration needed, and my evo instructor Brian let me know.

He knew me (not to be cocky, a lot of autocrossers do because of my involvement with SCCAForums.com and announcing at events throughout the years), but he made the mistake of assuming I knew what I was doing Open-mouthed smile. He assumed I knew about suspension setup, I corrected him, and asked for help! He was very helpful and provided me some guidance to try things out.

In the morning sessions on street tires (Azenis 615s, decent tires) I got down to 30.0*, not bad, but nothing near the 27.* that a SS Z06 was running.

I also had a horrendous knocking coming front the front end of the car, though that wasn’t new, it was happening all week. When I put the new bushings in I failed to apply any grease to them (other than when they went into the control arms).  My father is here in town to watch me run at the tour, so we headed over to autozone to get some white lithium spray grease to try to help with the knocking. I thought, there was no way that it would help, but geez, it’s amazing how much quieter the car is now.

When the tires showed up I got them put on and adjusted the Konis a bit, then went back out and ran a few more practice runs to see how the car felt.

I got faster on each run, finishing with a 28.555. Still not up to snuff against that Z06, but definitely better than I had been doing in the morning.

I ended up going with the following settings on the Konis

Front Double Adjustable Truechoice Coilovers
1 full turn from soft (2.5 turns is full stiff)
Bump: 6 clicks (12 or 13 clicks is full stiff)

Rear Koni Sports (single adjustable)
2.5 clicks (10 clicks available)

I’m still trying to get the time lapse video from drive down to San Diego yesterday together. I can’t get Windows Live Movie Maker working very well on my laptop. I’m hoping it finishes up here soon.

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So today I went back at the suspension of the car.

Time lapse of lowering the suspension, in reverse

The problem with the video is that I did the time lapse in reverse! I mistakenly sorted the photos in descending order instead of ascending. You really can’t tell on the time lapse though, it just looks like another time lapse!

See the full post for more photos
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