So I’ve been trying for 4+ months now to get some customer service from Injen Systems for the Super SES Exhaust on my Nissan 350z that has a massive leak in it.

Back in August I received a response from Injen

Hi Chris,

Can you send me a picture of your exhaust? I guess we had a few different ones made for that same vehicle and a photo would make it much easier to figure out what part and get you the correct part.

Thank You,


I responded with photos of the exhaust and what I needed. I have heard nothing back. I’ve emailed them multiple times, even emailing their tech and info email addresses, but so far I have not received a single response from them since that email quoted above.

I sure wish I could get some help, I actually liked the exhaust on my 350z, but this has to be the worst customer service ever!


UPDATE: I'm glad to say that Injen came through and got me the replacement parts I needed!

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If you’ve followed my struggles here on you know by now that my 2004 350z came (when I purchased it in January 2010) with an Injen Super SES exhaust system. This system was a true dual exhaust setup from the cats back. Read the full blog post for more details, and the YouTube timelapse
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So I still have an exhaust leak in the Injen Super SES System on my 2004 Nissan 350z. And I must say, I’m not too happy about it. I blogged about this over a month ago, almost two months now. I actually emailed Injen at the time, and I got a fairly quick response inquiring about photos of the system so they could try to figure out what replacement parts I need.

Since then there has been radio silence. I emailed them the photos, I’ve emailed them since, and have heard nothing back. At this point in time I’m going to have to suggest, if you’re serious about your ride, stay away from Injen Systems. For cold air intakes, exhaust systems, whatever they sell. If this is the customer service they provide I can’t suggest that anyone ever buys a product from them.

*disappointed 350z owner*

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