I just don’t have the energy to do a full writeup for the ProSolo today, and to be honest, it won’t happen Sunday, and likely not Monday either Open-mouthed smile

So what happened? Well, I’m sitting in 5th out of 8, 2nd in the Kumho class. I’m still hoping to get up to first in the K Class Smile With the contingency available that would mean a set of tires.

Jodi Fordahl is driving with me as well. She’s doing great, I have a feeling she’ll be faster than me on Sunday.

Random note: This car really needs a diff!  I am going to try to find the OS Giken guys if they are at the Pro tomorrow and talk to them a bit.

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So I went to the autocross today, kind of a last minute thing, and boy am I glad I did.

I left the house at 11:30am, got there and changed tires and then ran around 2pm (or after due to a bunch of timing issues).

I was pleased with my runs, my time being faster than a few cars I was sick of being beat by (ST civics!). Though when I went to check the results I was in 6th out of 7 in the Index class I run. I run Index, not in the standard BSP class at SCCA events because I want to compete against the fastest of the fast, no offense to the regular BSP competitors.

6th of 7, eh, at least I wasn’t DFL. But then tonight when the results are posted I ended up 10th on the overall index for the event! Woot!

*happy dance*

I believe the first heat of the day had a drying course, and the event overall was smaller (122 drivers) but I’ll gladly take a 10th on overall index any day here in the Bay Area!

I’ll post videos from the event tomorrow. I would have had three angles, but my original GoPro is such a POS that it didn’t get a single recorded video.

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So today was the first day for a few things It was my first time running an autocross with the San Francisco Region of the SCCA. I must say things went fairly well, even with of the normal first event hiccups. It was my first time running this 350z on RComps, and any 350z on 18” tires on 10” wide wheels. Overall I was impressed, though I long for 315 Hoosier A6s! Today’s event was held at California’s Great America in Santa Clara, CA. I started out slow, but finally kicked it in gear a bit on my 4th and final run. I realized today that I used to drive balls to the wall all the time at an autocross, I guess in my old age I’m not doing that as much, so it took me a while to turn that switch back on.
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