2003 Nissan 350z Touring $9000

Well, the time has come for V3 of to be put up for sale. Before we part it out we will post the car as is, with all the autocross bits installed and attached. If the car doesn’t sell in the next week, we will likely start removing all the autocross bits and putting it back to as close to stock as possible. The car is available in St. Louis (Wildwood) Missouri. If you are interested in seeing it, give me call. (Chris: 314-325-0127)

Pictures available on Instagram

Videos available on another Instagram account

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350z Dealer StickerSo the time has come, I am currently car shopping again. I’ve been threatening it for a while now, but with the 2015 Solo National Championships going on this week, and a few other life things figured out, it is time to make the 2016 autocross season happen!

So a few details. I’m once again looking at early 350z’s, this time around I’m not looking for a daily driver, this next car will be built specifically for autocross and a fun weekend toy, with some daily driving here and there (thankful I have a short commute). I am looking for the perfect car, how do you define that? Well, in an ideal world the perfect 350z for me would be

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The time is nearing for when the 350z must be sold, so if you are interested hit me up 2004 350z Enthusiast, <75k miles, currently sits stock other than a K&N CAI and a Plenum spacer, and a grounding kit (installed by previous owner).

Also has a receiver mounted to the rear bumper that I use for a bike rack.

The car is well maintained, looks great with lower than usual wear and tear of an 8 year old car.

I also have the suspension still in boxes, see previous posts for more details, but TrueChoice Koni DAs up front and SA Koni Sports in the rear with springs/perches for the rear. This will be sold separate from the car, unless the buyer wants it for additional $$.

Car is located in Half Moon Bay, CA, and available for purchase at $9,000, if you want the suspension throw in another grand and you can have it all.
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Project350z Garage WorkSo what did you do this weekend? Did you spend two days under your car? I basically did, well more like 1 day, but it was broken up over an afternoon/evening and then the following morning after I ran to get a new “nut” that I needed to finish things up.

Why was I under the 350z? Well, removing the fun parts of course. I planned to remove the front and rear Hotchkis sway bars, along with the TrueChoice Phase 4 Konis (front) and the off the shelf Koni Sports (rear) along with springs/perches. Though in order to deal with the rear sway bar I also ended up pulling the Injen Super SES exhaust system off the car as well and put the OEM exhaust back on.

Read the whole blog post for the time lapse video

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So today I went back at the suspension of the car.

Time lapse of lowering the suspension, in reverse

The problem with the video is that I did the time lapse in reverse! I mistakenly sorted the photos in descending order instead of ascending. You really can’t tell on the time lapse though, it just looks like another time lapse!

See the full post for more photos
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So I experienced something while driving the 350z yesterday that I haven’t experienced in quite a while. Typically the 350z comes with a staggered tire setup, meaning that the front tires are usually a smaller size than the rears. A week or two ago I got some new street tires put on the car, the new tires are “square” meaning the fronts are the same size as the rear.

This actually gives you the ability to rotate the wheels/tires (assuming the wheels are the same size), which can go a long way in making your tires last longer. The old set I had taken off were actually okay in the front, but the rears were bald, being able to rotate could have helped prevent that.

The downfall of having a square setup, at least with a 350z, is that the computer isn’t setup for that, not having the stagger causes the front tires to run at a different speed in relation to the rear tires. This causes the computer to freak out, though most of the time it is fine, where it will freak out is typically when you are accelerating on an onramp.

I had this happen for the first time since some time in 2006 (when I sold my first 350z) last night. It wasn’t a huge shocker, but it was a bit of a surprise. You can avoid the computer issue, but it requires turning off the traction control, something you can’t do when it is activated by the differing speeds. So for now, I will continue to turn off the traction control (tcs) when I get in the car.

I’m curious to see if there are any ways to disable the TCS by default, and only have it turn on when you press the button. That would be extremely useful in autocross as you NEVER want traction control in a 350z enabled when autocrossing.

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If you followed the blog post earlier this week you already know that Injen came through and got me the replacement midpipes for my Super SES Exhaust which I removed late last year.

Today I took the OEM exhaust off the 350z and put the Injen exhaust back on. The job itself is easy, probably could do it all in about 25 minutes if I really pushed it, but I didn’t. I took my time, cleaned up in the garage a bit, cleaned up the exhaust a bit as well. I also managed to weigh both the Injen exhaust and the OEM exhaust to see what the difference was. I was hoping it would be more!

Read the full blog post for photos and video!

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I don’t have an Autocross event coming up for a couple weeks, but I couldn’t wait, I had to do something to the car.

So here she is, DotNetNuke logos on the front and the back of the 350z.

350z with DotNetNuke Logo


350z with DotNetNuke Logo

What is DotNetNuke? DotNetNuke is an open source platform for building web sites based on Microsoft .NET technology.

Why would someone put a DotNetNuke logo on their car? This website runs on DotNetNuke. My personal website runs on DotNetNuke, my wife’s site runs on DotNetNuke, my daughter’s website runs on DotNetNuke, runs on DotNetNuke. I work for DotNetNuke Corporation. I’ve used DotNetNuke for 8 years now. My life revolves around DotNetNuke, and has for a long time, and hopefully will for a long time as well.

So I found it fitting that I should try to help promote the product in any way I can. That includes putting the logo on my car, front and back. I’ve done it before, on a different car, so why not on my current car!

So what do you think? Am I crazy?

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This post was originally posted on in June of 2004, but the site has gone away (it'll come back) so the post was lost. I think I’ve corrected all the links and am posting it here. I will be doing the same with other old posts.

Disclaimer: This article is just an example of a task we completed on the Project 350Z. We do not recommend you try this yourself unless you are a trained professional. We can not be held liable for any damage to your vehicle or harm you cause to yourself while working on your vehicle. Please use safety equipment, our work was done on a vehicle lift, if you use a jack, use jack stands for safety.

All images in this article are just thumbnails, click on each image to load a larger version in a new window.

Project 350Z Koni Sport Install

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So I’ve been trying for 4+ months now to get some customer service from Injen Systems for the Super SES Exhaust on my Nissan 350z that has a massive leak in it.

Back in August I received a response from Injen

Hi Chris,

Can you send me a picture of your exhaust? I guess we had a few different ones made for that same vehicle and a photo would make it much easier to figure out what part and get you the correct part.

Thank You,


I responded with photos of the exhaust and what I needed. I have heard nothing back. I’ve emailed them multiple times, even emailing their tech and info email addresses, but so far I have not received a single response from them since that email quoted above.

I sure wish I could get some help, I actually liked the exhaust on my 350z, but this has to be the worst customer service ever!


UPDATE: I'm glad to say that Injen came through and got me the replacement parts I needed!

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