So it has been a while since I’ve had the time to get a blog post up here, so let’s get started.

After the last post, the car was almost ready for the Dixie National tour, held in Cecil Georgia, but there was some final prep to do. I took the car down to Solo Performance to corner weight and align the thing, with good results.

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So here we are, one day after the tour and I have all 6 of my runs squared away on video. Now to get them blogged about, in order of course. Car Class: BSP Suspension Configuration Front: TrueChoice Coiliovers(bump 1 full turn, rebound 6 clicks) 650lb Springs Rear: Koni Sports (rebound 2.5 clicks) 500lb Springs on Adjustable Perchs Hotchkis Sway Bars: Front Full Stiff (Front hole of 3) Rear Medium Stiffness (Middle hole of 3) Read the full blog post for all the videos
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I was pretty down today. Going into the first set of runs I had a headache that didn’t seem to want to go away and I wasn’t happy with my performance the day before. I was actually sitting there thinking, why do I do this? I really was thinking, I love seeing friends and talking to everyone, but I was pretty down on the racing part of things.

While I was announcing first heat a number of cars were DNF’ng corner 3, all the MOD cars dnf’d their first run. I thought, what is wrong with these people, why are they dnf’ng up there? Well, on my first run I found out, as I did the same damn thing. I was flying around the top of the course, looking ahead (or so I though) and all of a sudden I realized I wasn’t anywhere close to making it where I needed to be, I slammed on the brakes then decided there was no way I was going to make it so I hit the gas and drove on.

My second run started off okay, but coming in to the end I clipped a cone, I knew it, wasn’t one I should of hit, but did. So I was sitting in 8th or 9th as of that run, where I started the day in 7th.

My 3rd run I wasn’t really happy going into, I was sitting in 3rd place in ZSP (our little Z car competition with 4 drivers). I went out and did as well as I could. I put up the lowest Z time for the day and moved into first in ZSP and 6th in BSP. Had I not had issues yesterday I truly believe I could have taken 5th for the weekend (1 out of trophies) but I still would have been 4 or 5 seconds out of first.

I’ll have videos up in the next couple of days, I have some photos uploading at the moment, when they are all complete they will be found at


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I’m worn out, so this will likely not be as long as it should be, but here’s a quick summary of the day today.

First heat, they got an extra run/look at the course due to some unforeseen issues with the surface, the course got changed, and the event started over 1hr into the day. Good deal for them, not so much for those who were working. Fortunately I was just walking around talking on the mic.

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Today was a practice day at the San Diego National Tour. This morning I took part in the Evolution School advantage program, basically you get a ton of seat time in the morning before the practice course opens up for the rest of the entrants for the National Tour. My r-comps were on a truck otw to the tour, so I ran my street tires for the morning session. I also had the car set at full soft (bump/rebound), most definitely not the configuration needed, and my evo instructor Brian let me know.

He knew me (not to be cocky, a lot of autocrossers do because of my involvement with and announcing at events throughout the years), but he made the mistake of assuming I knew what I was doing Open-mouthed smile. He assumed I knew about suspension setup, I corrected him, and asked for help! He was very helpful and provided me some guidance to try things out.

In the morning sessions on street tires (Azenis 615s, decent tires) I got down to 30.0*, not bad, but nothing near the 27.* that a SS Z06 was running.

I also had a horrendous knocking coming front the front end of the car, though that wasn’t new, it was happening all week. When I put the new bushings in I failed to apply any grease to them (other than when they went into the control arms).  My father is here in town to watch me run at the tour, so we headed over to autozone to get some white lithium spray grease to try to help with the knocking. I thought, there was no way that it would help, but geez, it’s amazing how much quieter the car is now.

When the tires showed up I got them put on and adjusted the Konis a bit, then went back out and ran a few more practice runs to see how the car felt.

I got faster on each run, finishing with a 28.555. Still not up to snuff against that Z06, but definitely better than I had been doing in the morning.

I ended up going with the following settings on the Konis

Front Double Adjustable Truechoice Coilovers
1 full turn from soft (2.5 turns is full stiff)
Bump: 6 clicks (12 or 13 clicks is full stiff)

Rear Koni Sports (single adjustable)
2.5 clicks (10 clicks available)

I’m still trying to get the time lapse video from drive down to San Diego yesterday together. I can’t get Windows Live Movie Maker working very well on my laptop. I’m hoping it finishes up here soon.

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