My birthday gift (early) from my wife showed up today (I have the best wife ever!), a new suspension (well new to me) for the 350z. There’s only one problem (and not her fault, as I ordered it) the control arms that came aren’t legal for the class the car is being built for. The problem with them is that the arms use spherical bearings in place of bushings, and the BSP rules read (read the full blog post for all the details, and photos)
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This post was originally posted on in June of 2004, but the site has gone away (it'll come back) so the post was lost. I think I’ve corrected all the links and am posting it here. I will be doing the same with other old posts.

Disclaimer: This article is just an example of a task we completed on the Project 350Z. We do not recommend you try this yourself unless you are a trained professional. We can not be held liable for any damage to your vehicle or harm you cause to yourself while working on your vehicle. Please use safety equipment, our work was done on a vehicle lift, if you use a jack, use jack stands for safety.

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Project 350Z Koni Sport Install

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