Asking $1600 local (delivery extra, I have small vehicles so transport is a pain). Currently located in Half Moon Bay, California, just south of San Francisco. It looks like 2012 will be a no go for me (no budget to get the car where it needs to be) so I am going to part ways with my beautiful 18x10" +38 Enkei RPF1s. The wheels currently have 18" 305 Kumho 710s mounted, plenty of tread left, though not competitive nationally, great for local/regional events.
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So I ran around Redwood City today over lunch, I needed to find some spacers and lug nuts to go along with the new studs that arrived today from

I went to Kragen first, they didn’t have any spacers but were kind enough to point me towards Five Point Tire in Redwood City. Five Point was great, service was awesome and the guy was very helpful. I picked up 6 spacers, with the intention of only using 2 or 4 of them for now.

When I got home I wanted to make sure that the lugs were going to work. They were Gorilla Lug nuts, designed to go through the holes in the wheels to help position them on the hub. Unfortunately when I test fitted them though the wheels they don’t actually fit through the holes Sad smile

Looks like I will need to run to Five Point Tire again Friday or Saturday and see what their options are. I will likely take a wheel with me this time to make sure things work out.

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This evening after work I came home and cleared out the garage so that I could get the new wheels test fitted to see what all I was going to need to do on Saturday.

Here are the details, the wheels are Enkei RPF1 18”x10” +38 (offset). The tires are Kumho Ecsta V710 305/30/18s. The car currently sits on a stock suspension (2004 350z Enthusiast)

With that in mind, I wanted to see what I was going to need to do to make them fit on the car so I can run them at the SCCA Autocross this weekend. The good news is that the wheels/tires fit on the rear perfectly, no changes necessary (at least as of right now on the stock suspension).

The wheels and tires unfortunately do not fit on the front, but I kind of expected that, and was surprised they fit on the rear without any trouble. So in order to get the wheels on the front of the car I’m going to need to do a few things.

  1. I need spacers up front, I test fitted a single and double 5mm spacer, 5mm wasn’t enough, but 10mm looks to be right. So in the front I’ll need 10mm at minimum, though I may order a few different spacers for future needs.
  2. Longer studs, I ended up ordering some ARP Studs (part number 100-7717) from via special order. They should be here Friday, in time for me to install them on Saturday. I ordered rear studs as well, but may not put those on immediately.
  3. New lug nuts, with the longer studs I’ll need an open lug nut, I’ll pick those up at autozone or kragen.

I think, and we’ll see in a few months, that I can probably get 315s all the way around on these wheels, and with appropriate spacers, that 315 will fit.

Here’s a video from the time in the garage tonight.

350z Tire Fitment


You can also check out some of the photos I took of the rear wheel on the car.

Enkei RPF1Enkei RPF1Rear shockRear SuspensionRear SuspensionRear SuspensionRear SuspensionRear TireRear TireRear tire and a huge gap

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