Alright the time has come to part with the parts. I took some time this evening to take photographs of what I have and what I am trying to sell. Right now I am trying to sell everything locally so prices don’t include any shipping. If I don’t have any interest locally I’m willing to ship the coilovers/springs/shocks but only as a package.

Sway bars and the exhaust are way too much of a hassle to try to ship, so those are local only. (Local in the San Francisco Bay Area, if you’re somewhere else in California and want to drive here, feel free).

Cash Only, no checks. Paypal acceptable for a hold, but cash must be delivered in full before handover of the parts. All parts located in Half Moon Bay, contact me at z – at – for more info.

All parts are sold as is, with no warranty, and unknown mileage. I can tell you I put about 10k on each of them (except the control arms and the Cobb bar), but am not sure what they had prior to me.

I’m also still selling the 18x10” Enkei RPF1s over on my other post.

350z BSP Suspension $1200

$1200, All four corners, no sway bars.

Front Suspension
TrueChoice Phase 4 coilovers
650lb Hyperco Springs

Rear Suspension
Unknown brand spring perches
Unknown brand 500lb springs
Koni Sport Shocks (standard off the shelf)

350z Suspension For Sale

350z Sway Bars (Hotchkis Front/Rear $200, Cobb Front $125)

$200 Set of Hotchkis Front/Rear Adjustable Sway Bars, no bushings, no end links (I used the stock ones)

$125 Cobb 35mm Front Sway Bar (bushings included, but no end links)

Injen Super SES Dual Exhaust $500

$500 Used exhaust, works and sounds great. Center (longest) pipes are about a year old, replaced with brand new reinforced pipes from Injen. Everything needs a good cleaning, has your usual scrapes from a lowered vehicle, but overall in great shape. No clue on mileage of the other parts. Includes bolts (except for the catalytic converter side) and extra hanger arm to mount on the car, but no rubber hangers

350z Control Arm v2 from SPL Pro Suspension SOLD

SOLD I didn’t use these, they weren’t legal for the class I was running, but I was told they are V2 arms, and that the ball joints needed replaced. You’ll need a nut for the ball joint as well.


More photos of the parts at at (

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So today I went back at the suspension of the car.

Time lapse of lowering the suspension, in reverse

The problem with the video is that I did the time lapse in reverse! I mistakenly sorted the photos in descending order instead of ascending. You really can’t tell on the time lapse though, it just looks like another time lapse!

See the full post for more photos
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So I wasn’t able to find a part that would make the SPL Upper Control Arms legal for BSP yet, though I am still looking.

As an interim, possibly long term, solution, I have some new offset bushings that should be here soon. John Coffey at made two sets of Hydlar Z offset bushings. One set for his car, and then one set to sell. Apparently he sold them once, but the buyer sent them back as he wasn’t up for the fabrication involved in installing them. I on the other hand am game (at least I hope).

I’ll be installing everything this Saturday, it’ll be a long day, but hopefully I can get everything installed. I unfortunately won’t be able to do an alignment on the car, at least not likely, but if I can get done I may try to run somewhere and have it done. Hopefully things turn out!

Expect lots of photos and video this weekend!

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So there’s been much debate (or really just many people telling me I am crazy) over on SCCAForums in the thread I started to discuss the proposed move of the 350z from BSP to ESP in SCCA Autocross classing.

Ever since the 350z was released I thought it was the perfect F-Stock car, though others have always seemed to think otherwise and it was relegated to B-Stock where all but a few events it became an also ran behind the RX-8. It was also classed in BSP (b street prepared) where it hasn’t faired any better for the last 8 years. Last month the SCCA posted a proposal to move the 350z from BSP to ESP, I’m all for the move, most of the ESP folk apparently aren’t, “A Japanese car in our American Car Class? How dare you!”

Alright, so no one has made that complaint, but the way they “defend” their ground they might as well be drawing lines in the soil. There’s much debate about what a 350z will actually weight in SP trim, my car isn’t fully SP prepped yet (and to be honest that will likely take 2-3 years due to budget) but I figured I would go ahead and weigh the car at the divisional event today.

First things first, here are the details of the car itself (if it's not mentioned it is stock)
2004 Nissan 350z "Enthusiast" package
18x10" RPF1s
305 V710s
No stereo/speakers
~2 gallons of gas
Injen Super SES dual exhaust (weighed at 15lbs lighter than stock)
Plenum spacer
Hotchkis F/R sway bars
No spare tire, tools, or rear carpeting/mats(not fastened down from the factory)

And what did it weigh in at?


That matches up fairly closely to my 2003 Enthusiast I had from 03-06 in b-stock trim. A few other mods on this one, though the old one had a lighter exhaust setup. The 2003 weighed 3075lbs.

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So now that wheels and tires (used) are taken care of, at least for part of the season, I need to locate some longer/stronger wheel studs for the 350z.

Enkei RPF1 18x10 +38

On my 2003 350z I had Nismo studs, though they were only on the front, I never got around to putting them on the rear. For this one I could go with the Nismo studs, but it appears a lot of people use ARP studs. So I started looking into what was available there.

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This post will be a continually updated (on list of parts (to buy) and configuration for the 350z preparation for SCCA Solo’s BSP (B street prepared) Class. If you’re building a 350z for Autocross I hope that this page provides of some great value. Each part will be marked as Planned or Installed depending on the current status. In no particular order
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On Saturday the 350z went on a diet, losing (rough guess here) about 3% of it’s total weight. When I purchased the car in January of 2010 I knew a few things. The stereo in the car was aftermarket, and so were the two 10” subs in the back of the car. Beyond that I also assumed there was an amplifier somewhere powering the subs, but I wasn’t really sure what else there was.
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So a while back now I complained that I wasn’t able to get any customer service from Injen Systems on the Super SES exhaust that was on my 350z when I purchased it.

Well I am happy to say that I no longer have that problem! Injen contacted me and apologized for the lack of responses previously. I was still somewhat cautious, but they did say that they could help me by sending me the parts I needed to fix the leaking system (at a cost, but I didn’t expect them for free).

The parts showed up today! So, to Injen, thank you for your help!

I’ll be installing the exhaust this weekend, taking the OEM setup back out. I’ll have to try to weigh everything before I put it in, and then the OEM one when it comes out to compare.

On an unrelated note to the exhaust. In the 2011 February Fastrack the SCCA is proposing moving the 350z from BSP to ESP. I’m  going to have to write a letter, or 3, in support of that move!

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So today was the first time I’ve ever autocrossed in California, and the first time the car has seen an event since our runs at the Colorado event in January. I left San Carlos early in the morning and headed off to pick up Will Strohl. We headed down to Marina California for the Northern California United Five-Ten Owners Club
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