350z Setup and Modifications for SCCA Autocross STU class

We’ll try to keep this list updated with current modifications, and a list of past modifications as well as we build and compete our 350z in the SCCA STU autocross class.


  • Year: 2003
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: 350z
  • Package: Touring


Front Suspension

  • Shocks: ISC threaded-body front shocks. Single-adjustable damping at top of shock, Independently preload-adjustable and height-adjustable.
  • Front Springs: ISC, 14k rate (784#)
  • Upper mounts: ISC pillowball, aluminum
  • Upper control arms: Kinetix, modified by Level Motorsports to optimize camber adjustment
  • Sway Bar: Hotchkis 3-way adjustable, urethane bushings


Rear Suspension

  • Shocks: ISC, single-adjustable damping, threaded body for length adjustment.
  • Shock mounts: ISC pillowball, aluminum
  • Rear Sway Bar: currently removed
  • Rear Springs: 2.5" id Hyperco, 600# rate
  • Rear Spring Perches: Megan Racing threaded collar adjustable



The car came with an intake spacer, this will be removed before the Dixie Tour in Georgia, March 2016.

  • Intake: Jim Wolf cold air induction, shielded
  • Exhaust: Invidia Gemini, quad tips (added by P/O)
  • Battery: Deka 16# (?)
  • LSD: Tomei 1.5 way locking unit, 85% lock



  • Front Brakes: Hawk HP Plus pads
  • Read Brakes: factory type pads
  • Wheels: XXR 531
  • Tires: 275/35R18 Bridgestone RE-71R



The interior is the Frost interior, originally with the leather,heated,electric seats. The Bose stereo components are mostly removed (AMP, sub, microphone).

  • Head unit: Pioneer Bluetooth XM-capable double-din touchscreen head unit w/iPod connection
  • Shift knob: Tomei composite
  • Shift boot: Alcantara one from eBay
  • Glass Tint: medium (approx 35%)
  • Seats: NRG FRP 300

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